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Virtuoos Sport Max Gold - 60 Veg. caps

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€ 56,95
  • Antioxidanten vitamine C en OPC's uit pijnboomschorsextract ter bescherming tegen vrije radicalen.
  • Magnesium speelt een rol bij het behouden van sterke en soepele spieren.
  • Vitamine B1 en B6 ondersteunen de energiestofwisseling.
  • IJzer en vitamine C helpen bij vermoeidheid.
  • Vitamine C en D ondersteunen de afweer van het lichaam.
  • IJzer ondersteunt de aanmaak van rode bloedlichaampjes en draagt bij tot een doelmatig zuurstoftransport in het lichaam.
  • Chroom helpt het bloedsuikergehalte normaal te houden en draagt bij aan een normale stofwisseling van koolhydraten, vet en eiwitten.
  • Met ViNitroxTM en BioPerine
  • NZVT gekeurd voor de zuiverste prestaties.
  • Inhoud: 60 vegetarische capsules
Artikelnummer AS1SRPVVN7
Gewicht 54 g
Barcode 8718444860051
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Extra informatie

Sport Max Gold is a performance formula developed especially to cater the needs of a professional athlete. This aspect also makes Sport Max Gold very suitable for amateur athletes to use as it contains a performance-enhancing supplement.

A well thought through and executed training schedule is always the basis of improving a performance, however dietary supplements can help bring the achievement to another level. When the core diet of an athlete is healthy and adhered to, other options are sports diets and/or supplements. Sport Max gold contains vitamins, minerals and plant extracts to develop the bodies’ energy management and thus provides the tools to progress endurance. An important characteristic of this supplement is the protection against ‘free radicals’. The production of free radicals increases during oxygen intensive activities, such as an intensive workout; unfortunately, free radicals oxydatively harm the body without any signs of doing so.

ViNitroxTM has been developed especially for sports supplements and consists of grape –and apple extracts. ViNitroxTM has a vascular dilative capacity due its high concentration of polyphenols. Polyphenols are bioactive substances that fuel the development of Nitric Oxide (NO); this NO has a positive effect on both the transport as the intake of oxygen.

NZVT- Certified
Sport Max Gold is endowed with the NZVT logo. NZVT is an abbreviation of the ‘Nederlands Zekerheidssysteem Voedingssupplementen Topsport’ (Anti Doping Authority for the Netherlands). This certification guarantees the athlete that the dietary supplement is free of doping.

Daily Usage
Consume 1 – 6 capsules with a large quantity of water. To ensure that the active ingredients can be fully effective when the workout starts it is of importance to consume Sport Max Gold 20 minutes before the workout

Minerals, ViNitrox™, Pine bark extract, HPM Cellulose (capsule shell), Vitamins, BioPerine™, Titanium dioxide (capsule shell).