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Unihoc Custom Une Bubble 29

€ 115,95

Special Price € 78,95

Exclusief verzendkosten: € 6,95
  • Lengte: 104 cm
  • Totale stick lengte: 110 cm
  • Gewicht: 242 gram (+- 4 gram, afhankelijk van het blad)
  • Flex: 29 mm
  • Grip: Elite
  • Materiaal shaft: Air Pressure Carbon Fibre
  • Bubble Shaft
Model Bubble
Artikelnummer AS4FIDLRQM
Merk Unihoc
Barcode 7391876087565
Links/Rechts Links
Junior/Senior Senior
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor
Niveau Professioneel
Lengte 104 cm
Gewicht 242 g
Sport Floorball

Extra informatie

With all the available shaft techniques in the Unihoc range, it is sometimes difficult to find exactly the one you want in combination with the blade that you prefer.

To increase the number of possibilities to combine different shafts and blades we have created CUSTOM LINE, which is a stick series that consists of 7 popular shaft techniques and 4 classic Unihoc blades.

The design is vintage Unihoc and the components that have been picked are top notch quality.

With CUSTOM LINE the possibilities to create tailor made combinations increase and suddenly the stick of your dreams can become a reality.

So go ahead: Pick and choose, mix and match!


The unique Bubble technology moves the flex closer to the blade, which adds a greater kick to the shot.

Stick length Body length
65 cm 110 - 125 cm
75 cm 125 - 140 cm
80 cm 140 - 150 cm
89 cm 150 - 165 cm
92 cm 160 - 175 cm
96 cm 170 - 185 cm
100 cm 185 cm en groter
104 cm 190 cm en groter