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Trenas Special Discus 1.25 kg

€ 141,55
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European made special discus with mechanical finishing made in Germany


  • This training discus has been developed for male U18 throwers
  • Produced in cooperation with experienced and successful coaches
  • Precise machine finishing at our company in Germany
  • This discus has the dimensions of a 1.50 kg competition discus
  • It weights only 1.25 kg
  • Until now, 1.25 kg discus models had the dimension of 1.00 kg models. This discus is now suitable as light weight discus for male U18 throwers
  • Dimensions of a 1.50 kg throwing discus models
  • Weight: 1.25 kg
  • Ring material: Galvanized steel
  • Side plates made of strong plastic
  • Colour: Blue

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