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Tacx wandbeugel gem bike bracket t3145

€ 31,05
Incl. BTW

Extra informatie

Artikelnummer ASTAU11PYJ
Barcode 8714895043166
Kleur zwart
Merk Tacx
Model Gem Bike
Sport Fietsen


    • Izzer
    • Excellent

    • Per waardering
    • 3 april 2016
    • Pluspunten

      • Stylish

      • practical

      • Sturdy

      The best thing about this product for me was the Style, most bike hangers are tubular steel and look rubbish but if you have a smart room you want to hang your bikes in they need to look good.

      They also do the job well, once i positioned them on the wall in the right place they were easily sturdy enough to hold the bikes. You can also take them off the wall leaving the bracket behind to get them out of the way when your not using them.

      The only thing which could be improved is the black grip on the top could do with being rubber and not a soft plastic.