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Tacx Montage unit aanpassingsset T1466

Dit product is tijdelijk uitverkocht

€ 7,50

Special Price € 6,00

Exclusief verzendkosten: € 6,95

Voor fietsen met verschillende wieldiameter: Voordat de complete hendel aan het frame bevestigd wordt, moet u de adapter set plaatsen.

Wieldiameter 610-640 mm

Bevestig verhoogstrips stukken met de 4 bouten, moeren en ringen.

Artikelnummer THV036699
Barcode 8714895016306
Merk Tacx
Model Unit
Sport Fietsen


    • The Legendary Parkside001
    • If time was money...

    • Per waardering
    • 15 november 2016
    • Pluspunten

      • What I needed
      • Available as spare parts
      • Great Price


      • Took me a while to catch on I could buy this
      I'd feel like the worst paid individual in civilised society. I spent a total of maybe three hours looking for this adaptor kit in many, still yet to be unpacked boxes, since I moved almost two years ago.
      It came with my Tacx Satori, that I purchased on a whim years ago. It wasn't until I recently wanted to use it again that I realised my old bike and the one I wished to now use, had completely different wheel diameters.
      This replacement kit cost a measly 6 euro something!
      You can imagine how my wife and I laughed when we realised that if I'd been 'working' to save myself that amount of cash, I'd have only been paid about two euro an hour O.O
      I'm a grown man damn it!
      Thank all things god shaped that I came to my senses and bought this kit.