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Stroops Knock Out Punch

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Seasoned fighters know that an effective surge includes more than just learning the punch. To fully control the punch fighter must have a trained body to adopt a perfect posture at every move. From the little finger to shoulder.

Stroop Knock Out Punch is designed to apply resistance at specificieke points of the body so that the punch can be optimally trained. The difference between the cobra and the Knock Out of syrup is power versus speed. If you're looking to give an optimal knock out punch this is the best tool to practice it.

Attach the end of the Stroop Knock Out Punch to a fixed object or have your training partner hold it. Then you can practice shadow boxing, sparring or making takedowns. By the resistance of behind you train all the muscles that are required to master these techniques perfectly.

Available in the following resistance Levels

  • Medium: 9kg
  • Heavy: 11 kg
  • Very heavy: 16 kg
Model Knock Out
Artikelnummer AS1QRD11BI
Merk Stroops
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