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Stroops Double Gun Slastix Training Systeem

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€ 159,95
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Met de Stroops Double Gun kunnen vechters hun hele lichaam (zowel boven als onder) trainen door weerstand te bieden bij de handen en voeten. Deze toegevoegde weerstand train je sneller en explosiever handelen tijdens bewegingen en takedowns.

Door weerstand van achter moet er meer kracht gebruikt worden en is het moeilijker in evenwicht te blijven doordat de vier afzonderlijke Slastix aan de vier ledematen trekken.


  • Medium: 9KG
  • Heavy: 11KG
  • Very Heavy: 16KG
Model Double Gun
Artikelnummer ASWP94BVPM
Merk Stroops
Sport Fitness

Extra informatie

The Double Gun

The Double Gun will be your greatest opponent and secret weapon. The Double Gun's Slastix fight your every movement to turn even the most basic drills into a battle. Add power to your punches and kicks with Stroops' innovative resistance training.

How It Works

  • Simply attach the four independent Slastix from the ankle strap and wrist cuffs to an anchored object or training partner behind you and perform MMA drills (see photo).
  • The wrist cuffs fit comfortably around the wrist and thumb and can be worn easily inside gloves if desired; the ankle straps are placed snugly around the ankle. (Note: It is recommended to wear a shirt while training).
  • As you move further from the anchor the resistance level increases, which boosts your ability to continue to drive through the opponent and finish each move.
  • The added resistance translates into faster and more explosive hands, quicker movement in takedowns, technical self-correction, and stronger offensive and defensive movements in the round.
  • The Slastix add resistance and can target different muscle groups with any standard fighting drill
  • Maximize strength-building benefits from upper- and lower-body workouts.
  • Build strength and stamina to dominate other fighters.

Suggested Exercises

  • With the Double Gun, the potential exercises are endless because our bicep straps leave your hands free to catch, throw, and tackle. Since the Double Gun ads resistance, you will feel your core engage without even doing a core specific exercise! 
  • Add resistance to every move of your striking drills, standups, takedowns, clearing the hands, or offensive and defensive moves to make them even more lethal
  • Build your arm strength by throwing and catching medicine balls and just feel the burn of extra resistance!
  • The wrist cuff is designed for punching, add resistance to your punching bag workouts and bring the pain to other fighters.
  • Jumping with our Slastix will help increase leg strength and vertical jump, this means more powerful kicks and knee strikes.

Double Gun Product Details

  • Four 4-foot Slastix with Medium, Heavy, and Very Heavy Resistance
  • Two Wrist Cuffs
  • Two Foot Straps
  • One Anchor