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Startblok Gill Fusion 1

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€ 449,00

Brand new en innovative: de GILL Fusion I

  • Every aspect, every single detail of de sprint start heeft been regarded during development of this new starting block. What came out is de most amazing starting block we have ever seen.

Extra wide start pedals

  • A study of de University of Indiana analyzed de effect of hip - wide starting positions on de sprint start
  • The extra wide start pedals allow de athletes to use de positive effect of hip - wide feet placement in de starting block

Exact en reproduceable starting block aanpassing

  • Two small but even more effective ideas make de starting block aanpassing of de GILL Fusion I very easy:
  • There zijn measuring tapes integrated in de pedals
  • The pedals have een lateral scale voor reproduceable foot placement in de pedals

Optimal power transmission from sprinter to track

  • Conventional starting blocks have ground spikes attached to de channel which point vertical in de ground. This is inadequate voor sprint starts:
  • The athletes power does originally not take effect at de channel, but at de pedals. Thus, de Fusion I ground spikes zijn integrated in de pedals en not in de channel
  • The athletes power takes effect angular in backwards - downwards direction. de Fusion I ground spikes thus zijn pointed in that direction.

duurzaam aanpassing mechanism voor de pedaal angle

  • The Fusion I pedaal angle aanpassing mechanism works without small parts zoals small veers, but instead heeft een wide hand grip, which always is nearly vertical to de pedal. This construction is very duurzaam.

Carrying - and storage friendly concept

  • The Fusion I concept is made perfect by een technique against pedals getting lose from de channel en an integrated handle


  • The GILL Fusion I is IAAF certified. It is build as per IAAF en DLV Details
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Model Gill Fusion
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