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SKS Fiets Spatbordset Olympic 28 - 42mm Breed - Zilver


€ 24,99

Special Price € 20,00

Incl. BTW

Spatborden zijn geschikt voor een fiets met 28 inch wielen. 

Extra informatie

Artikelnummer ASRYRN8IGK
Barcode 4002556195588
Kleur zilver
Merk SKS
Model Olympic


    • Ville V
    • Worth the money, definitely

    • Per waardering
    • 11 december 2015
    • Pluspunten

      • You can bend them without breaking them

      • Good instructions

      • Few extra parts should you install them poorly and have them loosen on the road


      • Hard to install, nearly impossible to do so without cutting the "socks" on top of the aisles

      • Upper aisle pushes powder snow to my jeans worse than without them. Once the aisle gets glogged with snow, no problems

      • 30mm wide tires is pretty much maximum I'd recommed

      Once installed, they're very sturdy and I expect them to last as long as the bike does. They look nice, I bough them in silver to match rest of the 80s bike I restored. Definitely would recommend them even if the installation can be a pain. I have powertools (angle grider or dremel with cutting blade will do) so no problems.