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Shimano Buckle/strap set Universeel


€ 24,95

Special Price € 15,50

Incl. BTW
  • Small Zwart/Grijs
  • Voor SH-R215/ R133/ R132/ R131/ R130/ R106/ R088/ R087/ R086/ R085/RT82/ RT81/ RT80/ WR61/ WR42/ WR41/ WR40/ M225/ M183/ M182/M181/ M162/ M161/ M088/ M087/ M086/ WM81/ WM80/ WM63/WM62/ WM61

Extra informatie

Artikelnummer ESHUNISBS
Barcode 4524667366744
Merk Shimano
Sport Fietsen


    • Chris
    • Great if you need a replacement, but not that cheap

    • Per waardering
    • 17 maart 2016
    • Pluspunten

      • Genuine shimano parts


      • Not particularly cheap

      The buckle on my shimano RO88 shoes broke when I came off my bike. A replacement was difficult to find (couldn't get one from any of my local bike shops), but I found it at Athlete Shop. It's genuine shimano so good quality, but quite expensive for a few bits of plastic and metal. Still cheaper than a new pair of shoes though. It's not quite the right colour, but I couldn't find a white set. I had no problems relacing the buckle and it works perfectly.