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Protein 85 750 Gram

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After a workout, your muscles slightly damaged and they need amino acids. Protein 85 contains all the essential amino acids in a balanced and high concentration. This two-component protein is ideal for the beginner and the advanced athlete, stimulates the creation of a lean muscle mass and promotes the recovery of muscle tissue. Protein 85 is available in five unique flavors and is easily soluble.

Protein 85 is an instant protein concentrate that consists of two types of protein, milk - and whey - protein. Proteins and their amino acids are the main source for repair and build healthy muscles


  • Ensures the correct amino acids after training consists of two types of protein: milk protein and whey protein
  • Ensures fast muscle recovery supported building healthy muscle
  • Helps in increasing lean body mass ideal for every athlete
  • Content: 5000 grams bewaaradvies: after opening close properly, cool and dry place.
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