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Pro Line Commando Boat 270 Deluxe

€ 999,00
Incl. BTW

If you've been looking for the perfect boat for carp fishing it's time to stop searching. The Inflatable Boat Commando Pro Line is lightweight and exceptionally stable with the solid air deck and inflatable keel. Partly because of this the boat has perfect sailing characteristics, also with an outboard motor. Also the boat has a renewed drain-system which works better en more efficient than the classic stop. Everything about this boat is top quality.

There are only a few carp fishers who want to take a boat on a night of fishing as you have to carry at least 30 kg and it takes you 15 minutes to inflate the boat. But have you never thought as a serious carp fisher; A boat would be perfect right now. For a quick gauge or feeding session, a fish thats stuck in a bed of weed, there are a lot of situations in which a boat would really be the perfect answer. Pro Line has the solution, the Commando 160XS. This smallest member of the Commando rubberboats has a length of 160 cm en only weighs 13 kg. Due to the small measurements it's easy to handle and inflated in only 3 minutes. It can even be carried inflated in a stationwagon. Yet this boat has a carrying capacity of 180 kg, also the bench can be adjusted. The boat is equiped with a stern which gives more space on the inside and easy rowing.

Tests by Team Pro Line also have shown that it can be used perfectly in combination with a 30lb electro motor. The boat is made of the same thick rubber as all Commando boats. It's provided with extra protection strips, quality valves and firm oarlocks. The Commando 160XS comes in a carrying that fits on every trolly with the transportmeasurements of 90 x 60 x 20 cm. With a repairkit as accidents can happen. In imitation of the very popular 160XS Pro Line also has a slightly bigger but still easy to handle rubberboat. Rowing with your legs straight is no problem with the Commando 200. The stern is placed as far as possible backwards, which gives a lot of space on the inside. The inside can be compared to a 230 boat, but de boat itself is a lot more lightweight and easier to carry to the water. Usability is important to us so the boat is being delivered in a handy backpack. When it comes to quality the Commando 200 is as good as it gets. The thick rubber, firm protection strips and inflatable bottom make sure for years and years of pleasure.


Pro Line Commando Boat 270 Deluxe Details

Features of the Commando Boats:

  • Lightweight, high quality rubberboat.
  • Completely black
  • With inflatable bottom
  • Inflatable keel
  • Fixed stern
  • Safety valves
  • New drain-system
  • With pump, repairkit and description
  • Inluding 2 aluminum paddles and bench.
  • Delivered in a firm carrying

Extra informatie

Artikelnummer AS4QMRC6ZA
Barcode 8718627244722
Merk Pro Line
Model Deluxe
Sport Hengelsport