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Prism Pica Sunrise Stuntvlieger

€ 24,95

Special Price € 22,45


Our fresh, modern take on the classic diamonder folds into a compact package small and light enough to take to the farthest ends or theearth. Spars are connected with bungees like tent poles so there are noparts to lose and assembly is a snap. The pica flies eagerly in a wide range and includes a nicely designed, easy-to-use hope winder, longflowing tail for extra stability and 200 feet of line


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  • wind range: 4-25 mph
  • kite wxh size: 36 "X 37" -
  • line length / weight: 200 ' / 20 lbs
  • includes: hope winder with polyester flying line
Artikelnummer ASMKOHIBAA
Barcode 718122824175
Kleur Geel
Merk Prism
Model Pica