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Prism Bora 5 Frost Stuntvlieger

€ 34,95

Special Price € 24,45


Our frameless, easy to fly stowaway parafoil has traveled the world as one of our most popular kites for travel. Based on our design that newbora series offers three new sizes in an easy to fly soft foil that flies straight from your hand and stuffs into a tiny pouch when you are done. The 2 and 5 square - foot models fit right in your pocket. The 7 is big enough to command some serious presence in the sky or lift small objects like a simple aerial camera rig. Packaged complete with hope winder, line and long flowing tail.


  • wind range: 6-25 mph
  • < li> kite wxh size: 26 "X 18"
  • line length / weight: 200 ' / 55 lbs
  • includes: hoop winder with polyester flying lines
  • < / ul >
Artikelnummer ASHVTGXR9Z
Barcode 718122825578
Kleur Paars
Merk Prism
Model Bora