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Inogen One G2 24 cell battery

€ 555,00

Special Price € 470,10


Now you never have to be depend on someone else for your oxygen again! The Inogen One is the first oxygen system designed to give its user freedom of movement as never experienced before. With the Inogen One you do not need separate parts for the use at home or during travel. The best news is that the oxygen is taken from the surroundings; now you never have to refill gas or fluid containers anymore!

This means that with the Inogen One you will never be without oxygen. 
The Inogen One is designed to simplify your life; he is light enough to carry around over your shoulder and he comes with a trolley that follows you whenever you are on the move. We like to view the Inogen One as the “polite companion” because he is almost completely quiet and no-one will know the machine is working.
There is the possibility to order a bigger battery with the oxygen concentrator.
Instead of a standard 12 cell battery you will receive the 24 cell battery; this means that the battery lasts for 7 hours instead of only 3.
Battery only!
Artikelnummer AS6Q4CZ7SC
Merk Inogen
Model G2
Sport Fitness

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Weight: 3,7 kg
Height including handle: 31,47 cm
Length: 29,51 cm
Wide: 15,24 cm
Max. 5 litres oxygen per minute.