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Polanik CPD competition discus

€ 58,80
Incl. BTW

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€ 58,80
Incl. BTW

Polanik CPD competition discus


  • Invisible from the outside, this discus has a new rim construction with a rim reaching far beyond the side plate to the center
  • Side plates are not turned, but moulded
  • The aluminium center plate which was used for the last model is gone
  • The already known partial fibre glass within the side plates leads to a high durability of the side plates
  • The new rim allows a higher rim weight combined with more stability for the side plates
  • Being moulded, the side plates allow a better handling than turned side plates
  • The discus has been IAAF certified and is produced as per IAAF and DLV rules. It can be used in any competition
  • Rim material: Galvanized steel
  • Side plate material: Moulded plastic in combination with fibre glass
  • Rim weight: 80% 
  • Side plates colour: Blue

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