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Dynamite Baits Boilies Marine Halibut Pop-ups

€ 6,75

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€ 6,75

Marine Halibut Sea Salt Pop Ups
These Pop-ups have been made using the same proven recipe as the Marine Halibut Boilies and Pellets, with added sea salt.
They are quite dark in Color so they resemble the Pellets and Boilies well. Both carp and barbel find them irresistible and there is a matching Liquid Attractant and Hookbait Dip to boost the baits even further. They come in 15mm and 20mm sizes. Both are supplied in a screw top tub that should last for numerous sessions.


  • Brand: Dynamite Baits
  • Flavour: Marine Halibut
  • Diameter: 15/20mm
  • Content: Pot
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