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Gymboss Watch strap - Black

€ 13,75
Incl. BTW

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€ 13,75
Incl. BTW

Fast and secure mounting: Wear your Gymboss as a wristwatch. The bracelet makes it possible for the vibration to be transmitted to the wrist. Ideal for joggers and other users who want to check out their times or remaining rounds. Also ideal for coaches and others who regularly use the stopwatch functions on the Gymboss.


  • Available in two sizes, designed to be easy to carry, S - for size 5¾ - 7½ inches (146-190 mm) and L - for the size of 7-9 ¼ inches (177-235 mm)
  • High quality, perforated band, breathable yet strong and durable
  • Quick and easy attachment and detachment

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Artikelnummer ASAYHE7BNM
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