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GEAX Pit Stop MTB Tnt 2 Cardridges + Clip

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€ 19,50
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2 Cardridges + Clip

  • Set van twee Pit Stop cartridges voor lekreperatie en oppompen
  • Inclusief een handige dubbele klem voor bevestiging van de zadelpen 
Artikelnummer ASZZDOHARX
Barcode 0641740084105
Sport Fietsen

Extra informatie


  • 120 TPI nylon casing for XC and 60TPI for All Mountain/Enduro (no butyl inner liner);
  • additional sidewall protection layer (nylon fabric and abrasion resistant rubber compound);
  • tubeless talon (fits both standard and tubeless rims).

Geax TNT tyre allows for up to 100g saving compared to a standard tubeless and the reinforced sidewalls give an unbeatable cut resistance. TNT tyres, used as tubeless on UST rims with Pit Stop cartridge or with liquid latex Pit Stop TNT pluses: low inflating pressures, higher stability when cornering, lower rolling resistance, virtually no pinch flats, tyre bead firmly locked on rim edge and easy inflation with a standard pump being lighter and stronger than standard tubeless. A Pit Stop cartridge contains only 35g of foam, as effective as 50-60g of liquid latex. When mounted on a tubeless rim, with the addition of Geax Pit Stop or other latex sealant, a TNT tyre is lightweight and reliable. Using a TNT tyre with an inner tube is also a very good choice for somebody sticking to more “traditional tyre + tube systems”, looking for a reinforced tyre without having to carry the weight penalty.


Geax TNT tyre + Geax Pit Stop vs standard tubeless tyre:

  • lighter (up to 100g less per wheel)
  • stronger to sidewall cuts and punctures
  • lower rolling resistance (without the butyl layer the casing is lighter and more flexible thus the tyre rolls better).
  • more stable at low inflation pressures

Geax TNT tyre + Geax Pit Stop vs standard tyre + latex sealant:

  • allows low inflating pressure without worries of sidewall failures or bead movements (with sudden pressure loss)
  • much stronger to sidewall cuts and punctures
  • easy inflation with either floor and hand pumps