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Finis Hydro Hip - Trainingshulp

€ 36,29

Special Price € 22,05

Echte zwem kracht komt vanuit de heupen, dat maakt de Hydro Hip zo'n belangrijk hulpmiddel.

  • Met twee bladen die zitten op de heupen helpt de Hydro Hip zwemmers met de timing van de heupen, armen en het lichaam.
Artikelnummer ASXEN5P389
Barcode 616323251618
Merk Finis
Sport Zwemmen

Extra informatie

True swimming power comes from the hips, which makes the Hydro Hip such an important training tool. With two blades that sit on the hips, the Hydro Hip helps swimmers properly identify timing of the hips, arms and body. The Hydro Hip also improves core strength with resistance by working the muscles that aid in rotation. Best used during drills or short distances, the effects of the Hydro Hip are most felt when removed and the lessons of timing remain. 

Rotation is one of the most commonly used descriptors while coaching freestyle and backstroke. The person who is able to swim “tall” in the water is someone who maximizes their rotation and makes themselves as long or tall as they can be from the tip of their big finger to the bottom of their opposite big toe. The timing of the rotation is absolutely critical in achieving maximum enlistment of core strength, which translates to more power and more distance per stroke.

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