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Dynamite Baits Swim Stim Krill Pellets

€ 4,65
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€ 4,65
Incl. BTW

Swim Stim Red Krill Carp Pellets
Introduced in 2012, Swim Stim Red Krill has already established itself a top favourite with match anglers. Red Krill pellets are manufactured using an extremely high quality Krill oil which is unique to Dynamite. All pellets will sink straight from the bag but they can also be soaked if you want to soften them. Cover them in water and leave for an hour or so and they also make a great paste.
The 1mm and 3mm sizes are brilliant for wrapping around a method feeder or using as a pellet cone. These pellets offer maximum attraction with minimum feed and are ideal for targeting pressured fish or for use in hard conditions.


  • Brand: Dynamite Baits
  • Taste: Swim Stim Red Krill
  • Diameter: 1/3/6/mm
  • Content: 900g

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