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Doberman Traveler Defense Alarm


€ 19,95

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Protect yourself from potential theft while traveling. The Doberman Security Traveler Defense Alarm is easily attached to any door to provide you with peace of mind while you sleep. Simply hang it from the door knob and place the clip in the door jamb. If it senses vibration, the 100dB alarm will sound. It's the perfect alarm for hotel rooms, dorms or any room you'd like to guard. There's also a handy flashlight built in.

  • Enhances security while traveling
  • Easy to set up on any door
  • High-pitched 100 dB alarm triggered when vibration detected
  • Handy flashlight function
  • Can be used on any door

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Artikelnummer ASFRU61DL0
Barcode 185535000593
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