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Doberman Electronic Defense Whistle


€ 18,25

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A bright light, red emergency flashers and a very loud alarm…all at the touch of a button! This stylish, small, yet powerful flashlight/emergency flasher/alarm is a great companion to bring with you on your daily routine.

Place it in a purse, gym bag, backpack or glove box of your car and you'll have it at the ready should an emergency arise. It's a great little multipurpose emergency light to have with you at all times. Press one button to activate the bright light and the press the second button to activate the loud alarm. It even includes a red light emergency flash mode.

  • Shrill, electronic alarm wards off attackers
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Includes a bright LED light and emergency flashers
  • 100 dB emergency alarm
  • Push button operation
  • Multi-function personal safety device

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Artikelnummer ASRFYUXF6G
Barcode 85535000746
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