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Craft Prime Shirt - Dames - Zweden Blauw

€ 29,95

Special Price € 26,95

Incl. BTW

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€ 29,95

Special Price € 26,95

Incl. BTW
The Prime Craft Run Tee is a nice, lightweight, multifunctional sport shirt. Previously, the Active Run Tee. Ideal for use in the summer, for example during running. But actually you can use this craft shirt all year, for example in the gym. The Prime Craft Run Tee for women not taking sweat, but does it actually declined. This makes the shirt not drenched in intensive sports.

The material of the Prime Craft Run Tee is very soft and comfortable. The fit is pretty slim and sporty, but not too tight or too wide. Overall, a nice shirt to wear during many sports and activities. Run the Prime tee is the replacement for the Active Run tee.

lightweight materials
Excellent moisture transportation
soft material
comfortable fit

Extra informatie

Artikelnummer AS1B3C8F39
Junior/Senior senior
Model Prime
Kleur blauw
Materiaal polyester
Geslacht dames
Merk Craft
Sport Hardlopen