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Buff Headband - Fulles (TE VINDEN ALLEBEI)

€ 13,40

Thanks to its Coolmax Extreme fabric, BUFF Headband is designed to effectively wick moisture from your forehead when you sweat during sport. Ideal for running sports Buff Headband will mop your brow and help keep you cool. Also available in the new Chic BUFF style which features the strass BUFF logo, a diamond simulant transfer.


  • BUFF Headband can be work as a headband, hairband, scrunchie or wrist band
  • Made with Coolmax Extreme
  • Weighs 15g
  • Designed to fit heads with a circumference of 53-62cm/20.8inches – 24.4inches and is 10cm deep and 24.5cm wide (4.3inches x 9.6inches)
  • Machine washable and non iron. It will not lose its elasticity
  • Treated with Polygiene your BUFF will remain fresh as the silver ions prevent the build up of bacteria in the fabric
  • Certified to meet Oeko-Tex Standard 100
  • Thermal Comfort – Cold
Artikelnummer ASGP9LHTOW
Barcode 8428927163868
Kleur Regenboog
Merk Buff
Seizoen Zomer

Extra informatie

The improved Headband BUFF has Bonding Technology and has a revised fitting for a better ergonomic headband shape. This is high-tech seam bonding creates extra flat and welded seams for minimum friction against the skin. Headband BUFF is made of stretchy Coolmax Extreme Fabric is perfect running as the fabric absorbs forehead perspiration and has excellent breathability and humidity control.