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Bad Boy Training serie 2.0 mma handschoen - Houtskool

€ 36,00
Incl. BTW

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€ 36,00
Incl. BTW
BAD BOY Training Series 2.0 MMA Gloves

BAD BOY Training Series 2.0 MMA Gloves are training ready gloves. Durable low gloss synthetic engineered leather and compressed EVA foam padding are durable protection for your hands. The open palm design is made specifically for grappling and striking workouts. Designed with the comfort and development of fighters in mind, these training gloves are a must have for any serious MMA Fighter.


  • Durable low gloss synthetic leather
  • Premium Eva Foam
  • Ergonomic padding
  • Breathable Liner
  • Long lasting durability

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Artikelnummer ASKJFPU4AV
Kleur houtskool
Materiaal polyurethaan
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