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AeroSling Elite Plus

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€ 259,00

Special Price € 230,95

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De AeroSling Elite plus is een uitdaging voor ambitieuze sporters.


  • 1x aeroSling® ELITE incl. geïntegreerde Deur Anker
  • 1x aeroSling® UltraPulley
  • 2x aeroSling® Flex Handle S
  • 2x aeroSling® FlexClip
  • 1x aeroSling® Basics DVD (PAL NL, DE)
Artikelnummer ASVJUXR0LG
Barcode 4260205281413
Merk AeroSling
Model Elite
Sport Fitness

Extra informatie

Sling Training - Form Follows Function

All of the fitness equipment by aerobis is designed with the goal of exercising the entire body, presenting you with the opportunity of a challenging and effective workout using only your own body weight as training resistance. Hundreds of exercises and exercise variations for training your strength and muscle coordination are at your fingertips. The optimum path toward more strength, better fitness and improved coordination.

High-quality ball bearing for a maximum effect

The aeroSling® UltraPulley is an ingenious upgrade for the advanced user. This high-quality and extremely efficient pulley causes a significantly reduced friction compared to the one incorporated into the aeroSling® ELITE. This leads to exercises that are considerably more demanding, and thereby, to a more effective training. Strength and coordination are simultaneously trained and increased.

More Exercising Possibilities

The aeroSling® Elite Plus also includes another highly useful extra: the aeroSling® Flex Handle S ideal for training with heels and underarms. This padded handle increases the exercise possibilities and is a must-have for the ambitioned sling trainee.

Maximum Flexibility

The aeroSling® Elite Plus also includes a set of aeroSling® Flex Clips. These enable the Flex Handle S to be easily detached should it ever get in the way of your training.